5 March 2012

A new paradigm for sexy & erotic websites.

Are you fed up watching zillions of similar hard core websites, where you practically always see the same scenes again and again? Are you fed up watching FashionTV just because girls are beautiful and dressed in a very provocative way but in the end, you're wondering if these girls do belong to the same planet as yours?
It's time you give a look at www.lexoweb.com, the home of Lexo. Lexo does belong to your planet: she's just like any other young modern woman, except for some differences! She has a totally open attitude towards sex but never ends up even near to pornography and she sometimes dresses as provocative as the girls of FashionTV except that she does that while doing her daily shopping or any other routine activity like travelling, dining, visiting places etc...
Although her -totally amateur- site is in English, she is 100% italian (check her shoes!). For a few euros/U$D you'll be able to enjoy photos and short (12 to 15 minutes) videos that'll make a refreshing change from what you've been used too. And you'll end up totally convinced that, as she claims, she is "Lexo, the girl you want to see in your street".

28 April 2008

Lexo was here!

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